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The BEARS UHF-VHF linked repeater network system is centered north of Philadelphia, PA, in Bucks County. The system covers an area from the Chesapeake Bay to the New York Harbor, east to the Atlantic Ocean and west to the Susquehanna River in central Pennsylvania. This Web page is short and to the point: it is a current listing of the repeaters. Please read the operating guidelines. Breaking news and status reports will appear as necessary.

See the "Repeater News" section below.

By Frequency

County Location*** Notes****
Atlantic Egg Harbor linked to 147.30
Bucks Fairless Hills linked to 146.64
Camden Waterford Works
Lancaster Cornwall DMR
Cumberland Summerdale DMR
Bucks Springtown
Bucks Bensalem Hub repeater of network
Somerset Green Brook
Bucks Fairless Hills DMR
Chester Honey Brook
Schuykill Snyders
Ocean Lakehurst
Cecil Elkton
Northampton Wind Gap
Ocean Manahawkin DMR
Sussex Roxana DMR (formerly at Bethany Bch)
Kent Dover

* Standard repeater offsets.
** All repeaters except 444.500-NJ-Green Brook transmit the PL tone.
*** Links to regional maps; repeater locations are centered in each map.
**** All repeaters silent period 11 pm-6 am. 6m and 2m not linked full time to 70cm.

Report An Equipment Problem
Is there a repeater or remote receiver out of service or not functioning properly? Please read this , then send us an e-mail. Thanks!

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W3BXW Repeater System-Wide Map

Remote Receivers' Locations & The Voter Receiver System
449.200 Buckingham, PA
Lawrenceville, NJ
Fairless Hills, PA
Tabernacle, NJ
Twin Oaks, PA
Waterford Works, NJ
Wyndmoor, PA

When operating on the 444.200 MHz and the 147.300 MHz repeaters, utilize the minimum power setting on your radio. There are several remote receiver sites listening for you, and the clearest signal will be the one "voted" and sent to the repeater transmitter.

The voter looks for the best quieting signal, and selects it to be re-transmitted, for the users to hear. If you run high power and light up all the remote receivers, the voter does not have a choice to make, or votes too much (possibly putting "holes" into your signal) causing a signal that jumps between noise and full quieting. Low power is the KEYWORD .

147.900 Bensalem, PA
Buckingham, PA
Lakewood, NJ
Wilmington, DE (nw)
Wyndmoor, PA

Also study the map as to the location(s) of the system repeaters. Make sure you know where you are in relation to the closest repeater, and select the frequency accordingly. Listen to the various repeater frequencies to determine where they play, and where the dead spots are. Try not to drag the repeater to the "last mile." If the signal sounds noisy then you are probably noisy as well. The correct frequency is the KEYWORD .

With the Frequency Listing page on the Web site, there should be no confusion as to the correct frequency to be operating on, or "where is this repeater?" Print the frequency page and carry it with you; you will find it helpful.

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Last Update 2006-09-06

Operating Guidelines

Repeater Services

Thursdays 9 pm - WX2PHI [ Philadelphia/Mount Holly ] Skywarn Weather Net

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Voice Over IP - EchoLink - W3BXW-R - node # 88314 - is linked to 147.30 and 146.64 MHz.

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Emergency events, public service activities, et al, as requested/required.

Amateur Radio License Exams

The South Jersey Radio Association offers license exams monthly (except in December), on the 4th Tuesday, in Atco, Camden County. Between Camden and Hammonton, the test site is an easy drive from most places in the Delaware Valley. Details are here.

Repeater News

From WA3BXW: The MS-150 City to Shore bike race will be held on the weekend of Oct. 3 and 4, 2009, on the 146.640 and 147.345 repeaters. Communication volunteers are needed. Please contact Carmen KE3QB at his e-mail address my3gumbas@verizon.net if you wish to volunteer. (2009-06-09)

From WA3BXW: The 449.200 receiver at Chatsworth has been moved back to Tabernacle. The Chatsworth remote receiver is now on 443.075, the Manahawkin input frequency. Manahawkin now has 2 receivers (Manahawkin and Chatsworth). This provides coverage from the Route 70 & 72 circle to Long Beach Island. The repeater antenna was replaced at the 448.075 Manahawkin site, and it is working well, providing improved Ocean County coverage. (2009-06-09)

Certificate of Appreciation From WA3BXW: "I would like to thank all those participated in race communications during the MS 150 bike race held the weekend of September 29 and 30th, 2007. The Greater Delaware Valley Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society recently sent the attached certificate in appreciation. It would not have been possible without the help of the communications volunteers and the cooperation of the users who stood by during the event. I wanted to share it with you, and thank you for the cooperation I continue to get when the repeater is used for emergencies or other special events." Click on the certificate to enlarge the image; close the browser window to return to this page. (2007-11-19)

From May 2007 two repeaters extend the 70 cm network westward along the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Cornwall on 442.150 covers the Lancaster/Lebanon area, and picks up where Honeybrook drops off Westbound. Summerdale on 442.450 covers the Harrisburg area. The standard PL tone of 131.8 is used for both repeaters. Remote receiver changes , both on 449.200: Wyndmoor, Montgomery County, is new, just outside the Philadelphia city limits. The Tabernacle receiver has moved to Waterford Works; the move provides better coverage in the Hammonton area, as the Tabernacle receiver was duplicating the coverage area of the Chatsworth receiver. (2007-05-26)

From April 2007 a Delmarva BEARS repeater, K3RIC, is operational in the southern end of the peninsula . The frequency is 444.050 with a PL of 156.7, located in Salisbury, Maryland, at the Wicomico County Public Safety Center. The repeater is sponsored by the Peninsula Radio Operators Society (PROS), and is linked fulltime to the BEARS network. A round of applause, words of appreciation, and all those good things go to Bill Nutter , KD3FA , for his hard work bringing the Salisbury, Maryland, area into the network. As one who travels the area with a camera, ye Webbie (W2XQ) really appreciates the work of KD3FA and WA3BXW. Thanks! (2007-04-03)

Operating Guidelines , written by WA3BXW (the owner of this repeater system), have been added to the pages of this Web site. All users are requested to read the guidelines . It just makes good amateur radio sense. Thanks! (2006-10-25)

A new remote receiver for Bensalem-444.200 MHz has been added to the wide-ranging UHF remote receiver voting network. Number 7 is located about one mile north of the PA-DE state line, near I95. Please remember to use low power when operating on 444.200 or 147.300 MHz.(2006-09-28)

Many thanks to , for the BEARS' web site logo. W2DI is a graphics artist by profession, working in print media. His creativity is sincerely appreciated. We hope you enjoy the radioactive bear as much as we do! (2006-08-26)

Certificate of Appreciation From WA3BXW: "I would like to thank all of the users who stood by the week of June 28th thru July 5th (2006) while the repeater was being used for the floods in Yardley. The Bucks County ARES group recently sent the attached certificate in appreciation, It would not have been possible without the cooperation of the users. I wanted to share this with you, and again thank you for the cooperation I get when the repeater is used for emergencies or other special events." Click on the certificate to enlarge the image; close the browser window to return to this page. (2006-08-10)

The photo gallery was last updated on 2006-09-06.

The call sign of the multiple-site repeater system sports its own club call of W3BXW (2006-01-14); the owner of the system retains WA3BXW for his personal use.

Questions, comments, suggestions on the Web site are invited. Please e-mail .

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